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Persiana Pastuhova-Licheva

persiana Hello! My name is Persiana Pastuhova-Licheva. I graduated from "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" university. My bachelor degree is in Applied Linguistics with specialization in English and Russian languages.

In the same university I finished my MA program in conference interpreting (English language). I specialized in translations of texts from different fields, some of which are: economy, politics, law, finance.

Like any other field of human knowledge translation requires perseverance and hard work. People are changing every day, so does the world. Languages that we use for our communication are changing with us. If one word today is modern and has two or three meanings, it may soon be obsolete, or, vice versa, to acquire other meanings.

peio peev The translator is a person of wide general culture - or so to say they know little about many things ☺ Their work is often invisible by the name of a writer or in translation of official documents. However, every translation has its own charm. I am happy that I can work what I love, and hope more people will appreciate their work and merits.

Today, translators work more often on documents, drafts and other documents directly related to our daily activities. However, translation of a book is an incomparable pleasure.

A book which I recently translated presents the life and achievements of one contemporary Gabrovian - Peyo Peev - one of the biggest benefactors in Gabrovo today.

Bozhidar Draganov

Bozhidar Draganov Mr. Draganov started translating when he was 14 years old and has been working as a translator for 12 years. He became a sworn translator in 2005, graduated the University of Portsmouth in the UK in spring 2007.
Here are some of his recent employers:
- The World bank - Sofia branch office
- The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations Limited
- Ministry of Finance
- Council of Ministers
- Customs Agency
- Numerous private investors in the field of RES (renewable energy sources)
- Nova TV station



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